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Online Class
Introduction to Mass Communications

Note: If you are taking this class in the traditional day class, please see the syllabus
for that class at www.rcameron.com/journalism/100/syllabus.html

Journalism 100 teaches the student to be a more discerning consumer of the mass media. Topics include the origin, development, and contemporary role of the newspaper, magazine, radio, television, books, and other mass media in shaping the political, economic and social fabric of society. The course meets lower division requirements for most communication-related majors and is transferable to California State University and the University of California.

This class is being taught online. Lectures and assignments will be delivered online, but you will need to visit the campus to take tests (see below). If this is your first online course you should look at "Is the DE option for me?"

This syllabus includes:

Text Information -- Web Page and E-Mail Info -- Grading Information -- Instructor Information

In addition, you should become familar with :

Course objectives -- Assignments available online -- Certificate/Degree Options
Journalism Program Philosophy -- Web site map

Media/Impact (Wadsworth 5th Edition) by Shirley Biagi.
(This is a new version of the text, no used texts available. Campus bookstore cost = approx. $55)

The text can also be purchased online through www.VarsityBooks.com at a substantial savings. But be sure to purchase the 5th edition.

The web site for this class is located at
www.rcameron.com/journalism/100/online. Technology is an important part of a journalism education and you should become familiar with use of the World Wide Web. The web site includes copies of this syllabus, assignment information, lecture notes, and more.

In addition to use of the web page you should also become familiar with the use of e-mail. Important information may be distributed to you via e-mail and you can use e-mail to communicate with each other.

You can contact the instructor at rcameron@cerritos.edu .

Grade reports will be e-mailed to you periodically throughout the semester. It is your responsibility to check these reports and and report any omissions.

Tests Cumulative Totals . . . . . 25 percent
There will be five tests. They will be multiple choice and based on the materials covered in class and in the text. Approximately one-third of the questions will come from lectures and two-thirds from the text.

Tests are open book, open note, but you should not wait until the test to familiarize yourself with the contents of the chapters. Tests must be taken on campus.* The class has a scheduled night and you can take tests on campus those nights. In addition, the journalism lab is open most days Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any day during the test week you may visit the journalism lab and take the test then. Please make a reservation with the instructor or Nancy Ballard, the journalism lab aide to insure the lab will be open when you want to take the test. We cannot open the lab earlier or close it later for test takers, however. All reservations to take the test other than test night must be made before the scheduled test night.

You will need a pencil and a ScanTron form for each test. Makeups are not allowed unless you clear an absence with the instructor at least one day IN ADVANCE (and even then, the test must be taken before the next class period).
Unit One -- Intro to Media (Chapters 1, 9)
Unit Two -- Print Media (Chapters 2, 3, 4)
Unit Three -- Media Law/Ethics (Chapter 14, 15)
Unit Four -- Broadcast Media (Chapters 5, 7, 14)
Unit Five -- Issues/Effects/Movies/PR/Advertising (Chapters 8, 10, 11, 12)

*For those who are outside the Cerritos College level special test arrangments might be available. Let the instructor know if you need this service.

Homework . . . . . 25 percent
There will be 8-10 homework assignments and 5-6 concept reports designed to get you to think about your involvement with the mass media. E-mail your assignments to me following the instructions below and on the Intro to Grading lecture. In addition, there will be six to eight "Go to the Movies" assignments where you will need to view popular movies about the press and write reports. Movies on the list are rentable from your local video store and are on reserve in the lower computer lab (near LAP) in the Learning Resource Center.

No late assignments will be accepted. If for some reason you must miss the class the assignment is due, you may e-mail the assignment (no attachments!) to me at rcameron@cerritos.edu or fax the assignment to the journalism department at (562) 467-5044 the day it is due or mail the assignment to Rich Cameron, Cerritos College, 11110 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90560. WARNING: A mailed assignment must contain the postmark of the day it is due (or earlier) or it will not be accepted.

First Amendment Project . . . . . 25 percent
Specifics of this assignment will be announced later, but its intent is to have you take a closer and critical look at First Amendment freedoms in today's society.
Lectures . . . . . 25 percent
Attendance in this class is measured by completion of assignments and reading of lectures. After each lecture there will one to three questions for you to answer. The questions are based on the lecture and designed to insure you understand it. E-mail the answers to the questions to the instructor.

Extra Credit
Inevitably someone doing poorly on tests or homework assignments will ask about extra credit. From time to time there may be extra credit opportunties; they will be announced. But, in general, you should concentrate on improving scores on tests and assignments to improve your grade. There are lots of assignments and missing one or two or screwing up on one or two (with the exception of the First Amendment Project) will not overly impact your grade.

R i c h   C a m e r o n
Office hours = Daily before class and after class
Phone = (562) 860-2451, x2619 -- Fax (562) 467-5044
E-mail = rcameron@cerritos.edu

For more information contact instructor Rich Cameron at rCameron@cerritos.edu.

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